Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Versatile Dippy Green Pate and Pesto Presto Pasta

This Dippy Green pate was made in the same week as the Blood Orange Tart when time in the kitchen was becoming more annoying than enjoyable.

This originally started off as a walnut and spinach pate that were meant to be turned elegantly into quenelles, but it didn't work out so well. The mixture was just too wet, so in a bid to rescue them, I adapted or rather enhanced the recipe. 
I turned some of it into Spinach Cream Cheese.  Here it is spread onto some rye crackers and then finished off with some alfalfa sprouts.
 Here is the Spinach Pate au naturale.
I am sharing this with The Veg Hog  is hosting #EatYourGreens Vegetarian and Vegan Blog challenge this month, so please do join in there is plenty of time.   For those of you who have not participated before, please Follow this link on how to join in  

Monday, 14 May 2018

No Ordinary Blood Orange Tart

Early on in the month, I made a Blood Orange Tart when blood oranges were still in season.  I have been wanting to make this for a while, and when I saw blood oranges at a supermarket, it was decided that this was my weekend mission. 

I started with great excitement, measuring out the ingredients, bringing out bowls, whisks and measuring spoons.  I made everything from scratch, the shortcrust pastry.  The orange custard creme brulee-like filling and then sliced the blood orange as thinly as I could with such concentration that you think I had telepathic skills.  

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Allotment Garden Plot 2018

I cannot remember the last time I wrote about the allotment garden plot, but the last two weekends, we have been working hard in it, taking advantage of the long Bank Holiday and the sunshine.

So much has changed in the garden since we got it - click here if you want to see how it was when we first got it.
The ground has been thoroughly cleared of weeds, except for the grass tangled amongst these chives.   The bees will love the chive flower heads when they bloom.  We have already seen a few bees in the garden dipping and diving into the apple blossom and broad bean flowers, which are the only vegetable plant that has gone into the ground so far. 
D moved the been climbing frame trellis to a new part of the allotment garden plot in readiness to receive some climbing green, purple and yellow beans soon.  In the space in front of it, he will also make me a some climbing wigwams or tee pees to accommodate more climbing beans. 
 Looking through the apple tree branches, you can see some raspberry canes. 

Friday, 11 May 2018

Eating Out at Samphire Brasserie 100% Vegan in Plymouth

I have tucking into vegan junk food fairly a bit recently, but mostly when we go to Bristol.  And I don't mean burgers as I make a good vegan and vegan burger myself,  its the other stuff - greasy, deep-fried. 

I am a little excited to learn that Cardiff will soon be getting its first vegan junk called Greazy Vegan.  In 2015, Cardiff  got its first vegan eatery Anna Loka and its good.  I know if I lived in Cardiff, I would be a frequent diner. 
However, this blog post is when I went to Plymouth, England with some close young girl friends, well truth is their parents wanted them chaperoned - yes, people still do that and they felt they could trust me, don't know why?!.  I agreed as long as I was able to choose where we went to have breakfast - lunch = Brunch; and it was my treat.

When I told them we were going to a vegan eatery called Samphire Brasserie to eat, two of them turned their noses and proceeded to tell me that had ordered a pizza not knowing it was smothered with vegan 'cheese' at Zizzi and disliked it immensely.  
I said you don't have to have pizza here.  You like my veggie burgers and you like burgers in general, don't you?!  this of course was a rhetorical question.  Then order a burger! without the vegan 'cheese'. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Blood Oranges and Chili Chocolate Jam In My Kitchen

In my kitchen this month 
I have some blood oranges.  I have made an Blood Orange Tart.
I will write more about it later in the week, but what I will tell you it was unlike any Orange tart I have ever eaten.
In My Kitchen is a wooden measuring ruler with vegetable names.  I picked it up on a whim from a charity shop for a £1.  I don't quite understand the numbers relating to the vegetables and the holes as there is no way I would get a runner bean seed through them or even a pea, so if anyone can shed light on the purpose of this - it would be appreciated. Regardless, I still like it.
In my kitchen, I have No Nonsense Chili and Chocolate Jam.  This was a present to myself when I was in Cardiff Bay from a book shop of all places a few weeks back.  Its a local product in that it is made in Cardiff.  Its not  Chili and Chocolate Jam in the traditional sense, its more of a chutney or relish to be enjoyed with savoury meals like veggie burgers, halloumi cheese and roasted vegetables.  I will be trying it very soon.